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Upcoming Events

  • 13 avr., 18:00 – 19:30
    Zoom Webinar
    Learn how to identify signs of imbalance in your body with the help of your tongue!
  • 01 juin, 18:00 – 17 août, 19:00
    Zoom Webinar
    Do you have a child with a chronic illness? This 12 week program is designed for you! Children with chronic illnesses are our super heroes - they have to be so strong to fight for their health. And every super hero needs a side kick, which is where you come in!
  • Herb Walk
    sam. 10 juin
    Plusieurs dates
    10 juin, 09:00 – 10:30
    Hebron, 20 Greenwood Mountain Rd, Hebron, ME 04238, USA
    Take a walk with Naomi around her property to learn how to recognize and safely work with two dozen common Maine weeds!

"I help people who are sick and in pain to find freedom and relief! I work with acute illnesses and injuries, illness prevention, and chronic illnesses of many kinds."

Naomi Kilbreth

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